Feature: the madness of low prices

Feature: the madness of low prices

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Bringing an air of novelty into its interior sometimes quickly increases the bill. To avoid having to break your piggy bank to please you, we have selected a multitude of furniture and decorative items at low prices. With a few well-advised tips, we have put together practical and inexpensive solutions to give your parts a good kick. It's time to give free rein to your desires ... great discovery.

Set a budget

New decor and low prices can sometimes go hand in hand if you have the right ideas. In the living room, for example, you do not have to change the sofa, but you can buy a nice plaid that will cover the one you are tired of. Choosing a brick effect wallpaper rather than installing real ones can also save you money. In the bedroom, if you can't afford to invest in a headboard, do it with a brush and a can of paint. Just as pretty, it will still cost you a lot less!

Get a designer piece at a lower cost

Charles Eames armchair, Thomas de Lussac desk, Tolix sideboard, designer furniture definitely makes us sweet eyes. Unfortunately their prices often stop us when we take out the credit card. To still be able to crack without breaking the bank, large brands have provided furniture inspired by these creations that play the game very well. Their advantage: a lower price and within our budget!

Find the rare pearl at low cost

Your obsession of the moment: a decorative rocking chair but at a very low price so as not to blow up your savings. That's good, our mini price shopping selections are there for that! This month, we also put you aside some pretty inexpensive but very trendy trivets so as not to neglect the decoration of your table.


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