Feature: recuperated ideas for the home

Feature: recuperated ideas for the home

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For decoration enthusiasts, flea markets and garage sales today remain real gold mines. You can find rare pearls there that you can recycle later to make trendy objects. Zoom on this phenomenon.

The principle of recovery

Original, anti-waste and not expensive at all, the recovery 'appeals to any budding handyman. Between creative hobbies and ecology, this unusual decoration method highlights a single principle: diverting period objects in order to give them a new life. Whether in a bedroom, in a living room, in a kitchen or in a garden, it is an authentic art that gives character to our spaces.

Our recovered ideas

The recovered spirit is playing the card of originality in our decor. Mixing the old with the modern, a multitude of tips are within our reach without ruining us. Wood and metal, privileged materials of the recuperated style, bring a new breath to our finds. We can use them to revamp our furniture, headboards, coffee tables, garden furniture. Photo frames, trunks, pipes, crates, baskets, jewelry, advertising signs combine with originality to these materials to take us into a limitless universe. Quickly discover our tips and ideas for the home.