Feature: ecological cleaning

Feature: ecological cleaning

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If you are tired of using too many chemicals for cleaning your interior, know that there is an ecological solution: use natural products that protect the environment and will be better for your health. Discover all the tips in this file.

Say stop to chemicals

Whether it is for floor cleaning or for degreasing surfaces, industrial products made up of many chemical substances are not essential. Indeed, there are "grandmother recipes" to make from natural products that will be healthy for your health and for the environment. And by using these recipes, we also reduce waste because it is no longer necessary to multiply the products and their packaging since natural products often have several applications.

Natural products

To clean your house naturally, you just need to bring ingredients traditionally known for their effectiveness and especially for their low impact on the environment. Know that you can use: - baking soda to clean, scour and remove bad smells, - black soap to detach, degrease and nourish, - white vinegar to descale and sanitize, - clay stone to degrease, descale and polish, - linseed oil for wood maintenance. These products can be used in the kitchen for household appliances or the worktop as well as in the bathroom or toilet to descale surfaces. Finally, this file will give you many recipes for cleaning your interior with ease.