Feature: a cocooning atmosphere in the house

Feature: a cocooning atmosphere in the house

To face winter, there is nothing better than staying at home warm. How to adapt your interior to the cold weather? By warming it thanks to a soft, friendly and warm decoration to make it a refuge. We will therefore opt for delicate and warm materials to create a "cocooning" atmosphere

A cocooning floor

Wood is ideal for your floor. If you do not have parquet, the carpet also has its place since it is pleasant underfoot and keeps warm. Finally, if you have neither, you will only have to place several fur rugs! Regarding your windows, we will remove the linen curtains and net curtains in order to replace them with thicker curtains, velvet or double curtains.

A "cocooning" decoration

In winter, you need comfort, so head for warm and delicate materials! You will dress your sofas, your beds and your woolen armchairs, with faux fur throws and cushions to obtain a soft and fluffy side. The decor tip: do not hesitate to put several layers of down in different materials to bring more warmth to the decor.

Cocooning walls

Finally, the walls also contribute to the cocooning atmosphere in the house. Why not line a section of wall with pastel, beige, white wallpaper… with or without a pattern? The "plus" for a totally "cocooning" atmosphere: having candles in the house!