Light on your interior with our lighting folder

Light on your interior with our lighting folder

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With the transition to winter time, the lighting will become more and more important! From now on, artificial light will dominate your interior. So to help you pass this milestone, we invite you to discover the new trends and our decorative advice in terms of lighting to illuminate your interior in a very decorative way!

Lighting, a technical question

Lighting up is not an easy task because technologies are constantly evolving and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. But do not panic, come back to Led technology which is finding its place more and more in our interiors and gives you a short lesson on the use of lighting. You will also discover how to use new features such as light ribbons to highlight your interior in an original way and you will learn the mistakes to avoid in order to light up well.

The choice of decorative lighting

And to help you choose a decorative lighting that will easily find its place in your interior, offers you a little overview of new trends with multisuspensions for the living room and dining room but also a special selection for the children's room . The most daring will be able to pick from the selection of funny lighting fixtures and those looking for practical solutions for the bathroom will also find their happiness. Finally, discover a real decoration saga by discovering the Laurie Lumière brand and its very decorative collections.


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