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Feature: Scandinavian design

Feature: Scandinavian design

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While the Ikea brand celebrated its 30th anniversary in France in March 2012, Scandinavian design never ceases to seduce our interiors. Also, even if we talk a lot about this trend, it is not always easy to define it. Here is a decryption of the Scandinavian style. In this dossier, discover what the Scandinavian style really is and its origins. You should know that Scandinavian design is not limited to what we know well with the Ikea brand. Also, you will find out how this trend came to such democratization. And to bring the Scandinavian style into your home, here are some keys that will transform your interior into a Swedish house. You have the warm and very designer interior of your dreams! Discover our file to know everything about Scandinavian design.


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