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Create your lawn: it's time!

Create your lawn: it's time!

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The spring is coming ! Now is the time to finally plant the lawn that will welcome our lounge chair throughout the sunny days. Small manual.

Where to plant your lawn?

The lawn is generally planted in the central part of the garden, in a place which is not too fragmented if too crowded with beds and shrubs. We will also avoid planting grass under large trees whose shade will prevent it from developing well. Also avoid steep slopes (not easy to mow), places too exposed to the sun in summer (if you live in the southern half of France), and places where the topsoil layer is too thin (less than 30 cm ).

Which lawn seed to choose?

There are five different varieties of turf, which can be found in the composition of turf mixes: - English ryegrass: fast growing but short-lived (2 to 4 years). It facilitates the implantation of other grasses which gradually take its place when it disappears. - Agrostis and Fescues: with very fine leaves, slow growth but long life. - Pâturin des Prés and Crételle: slow growing, less fine but durable and very resistant to trampling.

How to prepare the soil for sowing grass?

The quality and longevity of the lawn will depend on the soil. If it is damp or waterproof, it will have to be drained. Start by cleaning it to prevent the grass from being suffocated by weeds and wild plants. The ideal is to return the whole plot in autumn to the tiller, to let the vegetation decompose during the winter and to prepare the ground in the spring. Otherwise, spray a non-persistent systemic herbicide on growing vegetation. Improve the soil by uniformly spreading 500 g / m² of natural fertilizer, horse manure or well-fertilized compost on bare soil. Or a good quality turf soil. Then plow the soil 30 cm deep. Remove the stones and break up the clods by scratching or by hoeing. Level the floor surface. Finally pass several times long and wide a heavy roller (filled with sand) to offer a good seat on the ground. Finish off with a rake to get an impeccable seedbed.

When to sow your lawn?

To take advantage of your lawn in the summer, sow in the spring, but wait until the soil has warmed up, between the second half of April and during May. But the best time to sow is late summer and early fall. Choose a windless day for regular sowing.

How to sow your lawn?

Sow 30 to 40 g / m² of grass seeds (about two good handfuls). Throw the seeds on the fly so that they spread out well. For a homogeneous distribution, grid the ground in squares of 1 m side with a cord. The seeds need to be covered on about ½ cm to start their germination, superficially claw the ground long and wide. Water until the seedlings appear, then add 5 liters of water per m² every two or three days depending on the ambient temperature. Water in fine rain with a sprinkler sprinkler. To know more :


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