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Training to learn about interior design

Training to learn about interior design

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If you want to deepen your knowledge of interior decoration, know that there are training courses in interior decoration and architecture that will allow you to improve your skills or help you make decoration your job. MyHomeDesign offers two complete training courses over a week which allow you to acquire a global vision of interior decoration. The first introductory training in interior decoration will allow you to learn trends and different styles but also space design and layout or even management of color and light. And to master the commercial aspect, you will also benefit from a day of training to make your project feasible as well as advice in marketing and development. The second level 2 training will offer you the benefit of additional technical education with the creation of technical plans or further studies on space design, for example. Each course is made up of 35 hours over 5 days at a price of 1990 euros. > More info on


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