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A technique for capturing pests

Very controversial activity and subject to many discussions, trapping is a technique of capturing animals which are reputed to be "harmful", for health, for security, for the protection of fauna and flora or for agricultural interests, forestry and aquaculture. Regulated since the 1980s, trapping has a legal framework which defines the means of its activity, the species classified as "harmful" as well as the professional exercise of this technique. If trapping had a large number of traps of all kinds when it appeared, today the activity is based on the use of "approved" traps, non-traumatic and non-fatal for the species caught, so that trappers can check the good "harmfulness" of the species before killing it.

Species classified as pests

Each year, the list of species classified as "harmful" is updated, and any trapped animal not appearing on this list must be released. Among the species on the list, we can find the weasel, the polecat, nutria, or the marten on the side of mammals, the common crow, the black crow or the magpie on the side of birds.


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