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Insecticides: No. 1 enemy of insects

Active substances which exert their action on organisms considered as harmful, insecticides are often considered essential by gardeners and by farmers. Their main target? Insects or larvae of all kinds that destroy crops or contaminate your plants.

Towards organic insecticides?

Reputed to be harmful to the environment, "classic" chemical insecticides have become increasingly popular. Even if their effectiveness is no longer proven, the use of chemical substances worries environmentalists and public health specialists. On the other hand, "organic" insecticides have appeared, safe for consumption and much more respectful of the environment. Less effective over time, often more expensive to buy, they nevertheless allow nature to be preserved.

Use of insecticides

It is generally advisable to use outdoor insecticides at the end of the day, after dark. Certain components of the product can indeed be destroyed by the sun, and therefore prove to be ineffective when used during the day. In addition, a night spray will avoid touching other insects such as bees (present in the morning dew), useful for your plants but sensitive to insecticides.


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