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The rake: to collect the leaves without bending down

Renowned for being used above all for collecting leaves or for raking the earth, the rake is a horticultural instrument which is generally provided with ten to thirty teeth, located at the end of a handle which will necessarily be adapted to the size of the gardener who uses it to avoid bending his back (between 150 and 180 cm on average).

What type of rake to choose?

Depending on the operation to be performed, the rake may be of a different type. Generally, there are four types of rakes: the leaf rake, fan-shaped which as its name suggests can collect the leaves; the flower rake that is used to clean flower pots or to comb the roots of plants before repotting them; the scarifier rake used to remove the moss from the lawns and finally the gravel rake.

What type of teeth?

There are two types of teeth for rakes: curved, they will allow the collection of leaves, plants or materials; straight and wider, the teeth will be used to "surface" the soil in preparation for sowing.


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