The hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmer

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How to choose my hedge trimmer?

When choosing a hedge trimmer, the power, the handling of the device and the type of blades will be the criteria to favor. After having determined what type of hedge, shrub or bush is to be cut, the choice of hedge trimmer will then vary between power of use (we consider that a power between 400 and 500 watts is sufficient for a branch thickness less than 1 cm) and type of blades. A "double cut" hedge trimmer that cuts on both sides will be more efficient than a single cut model. As for the blade teeth, the more they are spaced, the more the hedge trimmer will cover a large diameter, at the expense of precision.

When to trim my hedge?

Generally requiring little maintenance, the hedge will require only two or three sizes in the year. Generally, it is advisable to wait until the end of spring and the end of summer to trim the hedges. Pruning will therefore be done around April for the first, September for the second.

Maintain my hedge trimmer

After each use, it will be necessary to clean the blades, and store the hedge trimmer in a secure place. When using it, do not forget the various safety instructions.