Install a pool

Install a pool

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Where to place your pelvis?

The place where your pond will be installed is very important. In fact, a pool requires at least four hours of sunshine per day. Do not forget to place it near amenities (water, electricity) to facilitate maintenance. Finally, the basin must be far from any tree. Falling leaves and the shade cast by trees are detrimental to its good development.

Basin foundations

To install a pond in your garden, you must first dig concentrically, and in stages. Indeed, each level will have to accommodate different varieties of plants, according to their water needs. Ideally, each landing should be 20 centimeters high, and the bottom should be about one meter above ground level. The bottom of the pool must be made of a layer of sand and covered with a garden felt. The sand prevents stones from piercing the tarpaulin.

Plant on a pond

Planting flowers near a pond should be done between April and June. Do not forget to have oxygenating plants in baskets on the edges of the basin to renew the water. They are essential if you want to add fish. Otherwise, a water jet or a fountain can be installed.


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