Install a greenhouse

Install a greenhouse

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Where to install your greenhouse?

The greenhouse is the ideal place to grow seeds and plants all year round. Protecting from heat in summer and frost in winter, it is a way to maintain your garden throughout the year. But before installing it, you must choose its location. Indeed, the greenhouse must have a solid base (concrete or aluminum, often supplied with the greenhouse) and be connected to the water network for more convenience. The longest side of the greenhouse should face south. Installing a greenhouse against one of the walls of your home also allows you to take advantage of the heat of the latter. Finally, the greenhouse door must be located in the location least exposed to the wind.

What the law says ?

The Town Planning Code specifies that a greenhouse whose height is less than 1.80 m is exempt from all administrative formalities. For a greenhouse attached to your home, a building permit is necessary if the surface is greater than 20 m². An architect is then needed to mount the project and submit it to the town hall.

What materials to use?

Greenhouses are most often made from horticultural glass, which is inexpensive but not very resistant. Polycarbonate is much less sensitive to wind and weather, but it is more expensive. In all cases, regular maintenance is necessary to allow good passage of light.


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