Prune a shrub

Prune a shrub

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Why prune?

The vast majority of shrubs must be pruned. This helps prevent the proliferation of diseases, aerate the ramifications. This offers the possibility for new shoots to replace the old, less productive ones, thus promoting a healthier development of the plant.

The best time to prune a tree

The majority of shrubs bloom during the summer. In this case, it is preferable to use pruning at the end of the winter, between the month of February and the month of March, carefully avoiding periods of frost. On the other hand, it is better to wait until the end of flowering for the spring flowering shrubs (pink acacia, flowering plum, white broom, etc.) and winter (fragrant honeysuckle, tortuous hazelnut, holly, etc.).

Use the right equipment

Pruning shrubs is simple and does not require a lot of material. Depending on the type and especially the size of the plant, you will have the choice between the hand pruner, the hedge trimmer or a simple pruning knife.

What to prune?

The size of a shrub should above all target sick branches, dead branches and broken branches. In order to guarantee better growth for your shrub, you will need to prune branches that are too close to the ground, the branches that are too dense in leaves and the branches that cross.