Treat your plants

Treat your plants

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Do you have to treat your plants?

Plants, like any living organism, are susceptible to diseases, climatic variations, poor nutrition ... It is therefore often necessary to treat them. First of all, identify the symptoms and establish a diagnosis: sucking insects, fungi, etc.

How to treat a plant?

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, we can prefer a gentle method: trapping, auxiliary insects, etc. But if the plant is really threatened, treatment is inevitable: it is therefore a question of choosing the right one. The more specific it is, the more effective it will be: we will therefore choose a single active ingredient (fungicide, insecticide, etc.).

Chemical or biological treatment?

To treat plants, two solutions: chemical or biological treatment. Chemical treatment: it imposes a delay before the harvest of fruits / vegetables. Its effectiveness is lasting, but it harms the environment. Biological treatment: biodegradable, it is very effective. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten a few days after treatment. But the operation is to be renewed regularly.

Treat your plants safely

Always follow the instructions on product packaging. Treat plants in cloudy but not rainy weather. Wear gloves, glasses, and waterproof clothing. And of course, never throw products down the sink ...


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