Develop a Mediterranean garden

Develop a Mediterranean garden

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The components of a Mediterranean garden

A Mediterranean garden is made up of plants that can withstand wind, heat and drought. In the perennial category, there is for example thyme or lavender. Regarding the trees, the olive tree, of course, the orange tree and the fig tree. Among the climbing plants, passionflower and jasmine. The grass, much too greedy in water, is replaced by a more resistant grass like Zoysia tenuifolia.

How to arrange a Mediterranean garden?

To successfully develop a Mediterranean garden, it is essential to prepare the soil well because the plants must be deeply rooted there. In drier regions, it is recommended to mulch the soil to concentrate moisture. The choice of species is then crucial. If the soil is siliceous, avoid the olive tree and cypress. If it is calcareous, no need to plant lavender or mimosa.

The maintenance of a Mediterranean garden

Two things are important after landscaping a Mediterranean garden: monitoring pests and watering. And each plant requires a different technique. Watering trees should be infrequent but abundant. For perennials, it should only intervene in the delicate moments of strong sunshine for example.


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