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How to plant and cultivate red anthurium?

How to plant and cultivate red anthurium?

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The characteristics of red anthurium

  • Type: ornamental plant
  • Height: up to 2m
  • Flower color: red, white, pink, green, blue, reddish yellow
  • Desired exposure: partially shaded
  • Type of soil: normal
  • Foliage: persistent
  • Interview : significant light requirement, frequent watering
  • Location: kitchen or bathroom
  • Sanitizing: Yes
  • Varieties: Anthurium digitatum, Anthurium scherzerianum, Anthrium andraeanum, Anthurium hookeri

Origins and characteristics of red anthurium

Red anthurium is an exotic plant. It is part of the Araceae family. Native to South America, it is found mainly in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Ecuador.

It is easily recognizable, thanks to its heart-shaped flowers with a yellow central spadix. Its leaves are dark green and varnished.

There are five hundred different varieties. Anthurium presents some large varieties that can exceed a meter in height, but most of the specimens sold by florists reach a maximum of 60 to 70 centimeters like theanthurium andreanum and thewhite anthurium.

It is an ideal plant for the interior of a home, especially in a kitchen or a bathroom. Be careful if you have animals or children: it is a poisonous plant, and its sap is stinging.

Plantation of red anthurium

Anthurium culture requires a lot of light, but care must be taken not to expose the plants directly to the sun. This precaution prevents rapid drying of the soil and leaves.

On the other hand, anthurium likes humidity without excess and appreciates that clay balls are placed between the pot and the saucer. The pot should not be immersed in water.

It is advisable to carry out planting red anthurium in spring, in a pot. Prepare a mixture of fibrous earth, sand and potting soil with charcoal, in which to plant. You can also use orchid potting soil with a handful of perlites.

Anthurium maintenance and watering

Red anthurium appreciates a moderate humidity level. It is therefore advisable not to let the soil dry but to keep it moderately moist. However, it is important not to keep standing water at the base of the plant.

We will take care to limit watering in winter but spray red anthurium with hard water if the ambient air is too dry, when the parts are overheated.

Red anthurium does not require special care except the administration of a liquid fertilizer once or twice a month during the flowering period.

The temperature of an apartment, between 18 ° C and 21 ° C, suits him very well.

When the flowers are wilted, cut the yellowed stem 2 cm from the stump and take the opportunity to remove the faded leaves.

Red anthurium diseases

This plant, although displaying a certain rusticity, remains sensitive to bacteriosis which strikes all species of the Araceae family, including Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. diffenbachiae.

Bacteriosisred anthurium is recognizable by the oily spots that appear along the veins, or on the leaves. The yellowing eventually turns into necrosis.

When a stem is infected, you can see a yellowish exudate when cut due to bacteria. There is no convincing treatment. The only solution to avoid the transmission of this bacteriosis to other anthuriums is to eliminate the sick subject and to disinfect tools, pots and other accessories for cutting and maintaining plants.

Pollutant from anthurium

Besides its aesthetic aspect, red anthurium is very appreciated for its depolluting role. Its particularity lies in its capacity to absorb ammonia. It is therefore ideal in a kitchen or bathroom. But it can also find its place in another bright room in the house.


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