These inexpensive accessories that awaken the atmosphere of the kitchen

These inexpensive accessories that awaken the atmosphere of the kitchen

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If you dream of giving a little boost to your kitchen, a little too wise for your taste, consider stocking up on colorful accessories. Their multiplication on the credenza, the work plan, the shelves or the table will take care of giving a sacred good glow to the atmosphere, all for cheap! Do not neglect the small accessories subscribed to the most culinary room of the house, that is the watchword. Trays, servants, salad bowls, fruit baskets and cake pans are enough to show all colors in the kitchen regardless of their location, with low prices ranging around 15 and 40 €. Kitchen utensils also play the game, in particular the silicone models and their variation in multiple tart colors. If you have a credenza bar where to display them for all to see, know that a collection of ladles, whips, knives and colander has everything to brighten up the space! And if your kitchen has a dining area, take advantage of it with a tablecloth, place mats, or a vitamin trivet.


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