How to plant and maintain a cyclamen?

How to plant and maintain a cyclamen?

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The cyclamen is a perennial plant of the primulaceae family which grows from November to March. It is native to Mediterranean countries, mainly in cool and mountainous regions. There are 24 species of cyclamen. The name cyclamen is derived from Greek and means "" crown circle "". The nickname of cyclamen is "" pig bread "", this is due to the greed of wild pigs which seek them and dig them up to eat their tuberculous roots.

Cyclamen characteristics

The foliage withers into a rosette basilar in the middle of which grow fine stems which bear flowers with an average height of 30 cm. Note that there are only 15 cm of species known as "" mini cyclamen "". The cyclamen flower is pink, white or variegated depending on the species. The upper side of the leaves is green and white, it has a "Christmas tree" motif. The lower part of the leaves is purple in color for some species. The leaves disappear in summer except for two varieties: the cyclamen purpuascens and colchicum.

Cyclamen culture

For sowing, the procedure is quite simple, since it involves collecting the seeds when the capsules open and then potting them in potting soil. They are planted from the end of summer until the beginning of autumn. The cyclamen bulbs should be spaced about 15 cm apart and buried 4 or 5 cm deep. Use ordinary but well-drained soil and shaded exposure. Cyclamen measure 5 to 10 cm when mature, and bloom from November to March. Note that there is also a kind of wild cyclamen, which can be observed during walks in the woods. It can withstand extremely low temperatures, which is not the case with the culture cyclamen.

Cyclamen maintenance

The cyclamen is appreciated by novice gardeners, since it does not require any particular maintenance. You will simply have to avoid passing the mower when it is in bloom. If you opt for container growing, it will be beneficial to use compost once a year to reinvigorate your cyclamen.

Cyclamen diseases

This flower is not very susceptible to diseases. However, it can be attacked by worms, especially if grown outdoors. If you water it too much, your plant may also rot. Find the cyclamen bulbs in the shop!



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