When shoes make their decorative show

When shoes make their decorative show

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Glamorous and sexy, the shoe comes out of the closet and appears in our interiors. From the practical accessory to the wall decoration, the shoes put design at their feet!

Original door wedges

If the slamming doors make you jump, ventilate your interior aesthetically and peacefully with a shoe holder. Playful and very trendy, this XXL rubberized pump in red or black will give a very "girly" touch to your interior atmosphere and your doors will thank you!

Sexy stickers

With straps, laces, high heels, the shoe is also sublimated by the market of stickers. Specialized sites have dedicated a whole range of very fashionable wall stickers to it. Decorative friezes on your walls or your furniture, practical mirroring, fun in trompe l'oeil, these supports bring a very feminine and sexy touch to your interior and become decorative objects in their own right. Have fun using and diverting them to surprise and personalize your decor!

Well-fitted accessories

Addict or fetishist, you will find a whole choice of decorative objects bearing the image of your passion. Key chains with stilettos dotted with rhinestones, glamorous coat hooks, seriously fitted cushions, and even telephones in the shape of pumps. What make your home sweet home a model of interior decoration spirit femme fatale.