Mangas are moving into our interiors!

Mangas are moving into our interiors!

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Heroes of comics, manga come out of their bubble to adorn our walls and personalize our decor. A quick overview to discover these unique characters and their decorative potential.

Manga, kesako?

Born in Japan, the manga refers to all Japanese comics. From the eighties, these characters with singular features landed in France under the guise of cartoon heroes like Albator or Goldorak. But very quickly, the manga market did not only appeal to children and attracted more and more adults. Today, it represents 40% of comic book sales in France.

The decorative manga

Building on its success in bookstores, the manga has emerged from its bubble in recent years to enter the world of interior decoration. Many brands celebrate this artistic current by decorating furniture and decorative accessories with the faces of these extraordinary heroes. Caricatures which are found on the cushions, the quilts, the curtains or even the wallpapers. With their very contemporary color or black and white graphics, these manga-style objects find their place in modern and very designer interiors.


In recent years, new manga characters have appeared in the decorating world: Kokeshi dolls. With their very "girly" spirit, these Japanese dolls will bring a touch of femininity to your interior.


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