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The flashy bed linen makes your bedroom swing

The flashy bed linen makes your bedroom swing

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Now that spring is well and truly installed in our daily lives, the desire for freshness is giving way to the desire for color, including fluorescent tones! On the bedroom side, this momentum translates into flashy bed linen that is sure to spice up the room. A solid neon green set to surf the tangy green trend, a cover striped in black, bright red and fuchsia pink for the pop glamor side, bed linen with turquoise blue floral patterns or polka dot cushions violets that will undoubtedly energize the sleeping area ... You understand, all colors are allowed provided they make your view. A suprise ? Not really. 2012 had announced the color by electing the Tangerine Tango as the flagship shade of the year. An orange tinged with red that ignites wherever it is located with the sole purpose of being noticed. It's decided, it's time for the bedroom to follow this spring / summer trend full of pep by revealing very bright colors on the bed.


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