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The spirea (spiraea) is from the botanical family of rosaceae. With over a hundred varieties, this shrub is covered with small flowers from white to orange-red to pink from the start of spring. Its great hardiness, down to -20 ° C, allows it to be planted in all regions.

Plant the spirea

Once the ideal location has been chosen, preferably sunny, but a little shade is also possible, you must plant the spirea leaving enough space around it knowing that it is a shrub with a spreading habit with long branches bending under the flowers to the white spirea (spiraea arguta) for example. The soil must be naturally rich or reinforced by the addition of compost or manure. For dwarf spirea, the potted plant presents no difficulty, always keeping in mind the plant's favorite exposure.

Watering the spirea

During the first two years after planting, the meadowsweet requires regular watering, about every two weeks, and moderate especially during hot periods. As an adult, the spirea is easy to maintain and does not need watering except in periods of drought.

Size of spirea

It is advisable to prune the spirea a little after flowering, once all the flowers have wilted, in order to favor a larger quantity of flowers and greater growth the following season. But, we can also practice no pruning if we want to keep a wilder spirit to its spirea or its shrub hedge.