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Coffee tree

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The coffee tree (coffea) is a tropical tree in the botanical family of rubiaceae. Even if you can find apartment coffee trees, it is in hot and humid climates that coffee trees grow most easily. Its very ephemeral flowers, barely a few hours old, have the distinction of having a scent close to that of jasmine.

Plant a coffee tree

Accustomed to heat and humidity, it is sometimes difficult to satisfy a coffee tree in our latitudes. However, by planting or repotting it in the spring when it is mild, in rich, drained soil, it can take root. It is also necessary to install it in obligatory semi-shaded exhibition so that it is like in its natural environment where it lives in the shade of larger trees and especially in a non-windy place: it is a tree which does not support temperatures below 13 ° C.

Coffee maintenance

The cultivation of coffee outdoors is not recommended in regions with a cold climate. Even out of its natural environment, it is a tree that will not survive the cold and frost, unless it is not in the ground and that it can be brought back in winter. For the apartment coffee, it is essential to place it away from bright light and leave it permanent moisture at the foot with a saucer of water under the pot. In winter, the coffee tree indoors will no longer need to be watered as much, it will be necessary to wait for the soil to dry a little before humidifying it again. In both cases, it is essential to add fertilizer during the spring growing season.



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