Gluttony, the new cute sin of decoration

Gluttony, the new cute sin of decoration

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You are not alone anymore to fall for chocolate bars, cookies or treats! Indeed, since it affirmed its weakness for gluttony, the decor can no longer do without sweets and pastries. A cute sin that should attract more than one or more than one… A candle in the shape of an ice cream cone on the coffee table of cupcakes drawn on the dishes, a cotton candy pendant in the children's room, a cushion decorated with smarties on the sofa a clock full of macaroons or a basket raspberries in the form of giant magnets for the fridge: greedy, greedy, this is how to give a resolutely appetizing air to your interior. Our favorites to adopt urgently? The cushion adorned with a nun as a decorative motif at Atylia, the macaron canvases in series signed Téo Jasmin, the pouffe-style bag of candy on the side of File in your Room or the giant donut-shaped one at Incidence! This is without counting on the staging of more enticing pastries from each other - on cake stands, under bells or on trays - which whet the kitchen in appetite ...


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