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The False Good Culinary Idea: Pizza cones

The False Good Culinary Idea: Pizza cones

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Hell is said to be paved with good intentions. Cooking is no exception to this rule and I often find products that prove that all innovation does not necessarily have to go down in history. We could group these products in a category called "False Good Food Ideas" or FBIC and I thought it might be fun to present you sometimes, just to say "Phew, we can escape that!". To start this series, I wanted to introduce you to the cone pizza. The company Pizzacraft, specializing in pizza items (no joke), has invented a new way of consuming pizza like an ice cream cone. "The interest" of such a presentation is obviously to be able to garnish your pizza abundantly. It works for those who like the filling more than the pizza dough, for others, like me, there will rather be an effect too much bordering on disgust.
Well, this object is a good idea anyway if you have to sell off a stock of cheese quickly.
The Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cone set is composed of 2 cone molds, 2 displays to hold its cones, 1 cookie cutter and a pizza cutter to join the 2 sides. About $ 25 on Amazon.
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