Mistakes to avoid with wood in decoration

Mistakes to avoid with wood in decoration

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If wood comes back in force in the house after being left aside in favor of more design materials, the received ideas are still numerous. To help you bring wood into your interior for a warm atmosphere and trendy decoration, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Wood does not necessarily give a rustic atmosphere

If previously the wooden furniture was in solid oak in a very dark color which gave a rustic aspect to the kitchen or the dining room, today there are other alternatives! There are multiple species of wood to match each style. For example, to create a very trendy Scandinavian atmosphere, we will bet on a very light wood and for a very natural style, we will rather bet on bamboo.

Wood is not only intended for exotic atmospheres

If you also think that wood is only suitable for exotic atmospheres, this is a mistake. Besides, if exotic wood like wenge is still used, today we prefer much clearer species. But be aware that wenge or ipé also work very well in a contemporary or designer interior, provided they combine furniture with pure lines. Indeed, the exotic atmosphere does not only come from the essence but also from the type of furniture that one chooses.

Avoid the total wooden look

If it is true that wood immediately warms the atmosphere of a house, it should not be abused. Avoid the total look of wooden floors, walls and furniture unless you want to bring a chalet atmosphere to your interior. A few pieces of furniture and a nice parquet floor are enough to make the room pleasant and warm without overloading it. Note that the darker the wood, the more it will be present in your decoration.

The XXL wooden clock, a very trendy decorative tip for dressing a wall

Do not mix wood species

In order to create harmony in your interior, it is recommended to choose wood species that match each other. Be sure to give a certain unity and do not choose too different colors for each piece of furniture or the floor. We will not mix, for example, solid oak furniture with other exotic wood furniture with light parquet.

Wood doesn't just exist in furniture

Finally, know that to bring wood into your interior, it is not only the parquet and furniture. You can also use wooden decorative objects which are very trendy at the moment. The wooden cutting boards are displayed, the clocks are also dressed in wood and the wooden fruit baskets recall nature for a warm interior that comes back to basics.


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