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How to use the chopsticks in the decoration?

How to use the chopsticks in the decoration?

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To emphasize the scrolls of a cornice or to highlight a window, whatever the use you make of it, the chopsticks bring a real added value in the decoration of your interior. To find out how to best use them, follow the guide!

A floor-to-ceiling decorative accessory

You can replace the traditional plinths and place decorative strips instead. They will dress your room and give it a real personality. To give volume or a unique atmosphere to your interior, you can also use them on your ceilings. Placed on their contours, they will emphasize the arabesques of your cornices for more classic decorations or will give a real added value "design" to the atmosphere of your room. Because today there is a wide range of sticks, shapes, colors, which allow you to play this accessory as you see fit. Finally, if you are looking to enhance the visual of a window or a door, use the sticks as you would with a frame.

Hide a fault

A slightly damaged tapestry, a crumbling paint, an unfortunate hammer blow ... If you don't want to get into big jobs or tedious repairs, take out your wand! Thanks to the multiple widths which exist today on the market you will be able to hide the small defects while bringing a real more decorative side.

Divert it!

Have fun diverting it to highlight an object or a piece of furniture. Dress up for example a library, frame an object or delimit a room. You can also compose original and unique photo frames. Play on shapes, colors but also materials, wood, aluminum, plastic, to bring a singularity! You can also use it as a small tablet to place your favorite items. In this case, be sure to choose an adequate width.

Magic wand

Today, the wand is becoming luminous. Most often fitted with LED bulbs, they can be installed anywhere. On a ledge to illuminate a ceiling, in a dressing room, in the kitchen cupboards. An alternative to wall lights that is both original and decorative and which proves to be useful lighting.


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