Hanging cupboards to save floor space

Hanging cupboards to save floor space

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In the house, storage is often a priority! It is then necessary to redouble ingenuity so that the arrangements take up little space while remaining practical. So not to waste space on the ground, why not opt ​​for hanging storage?

What are hanging cupboards?

Hanging storage are flexible accessories often made of fabric that can be hung on the ceiling, on a door or simply on a wall. They allow you to store fairly light things like shoes, toys or some clothes. They are generally very long and offer some sort of lockers. In terms of decoration, they are quite fun because it is an original arrangement. There are multiple colors and shapes to adapt to all styles.

In which room to use the hanging storage?

You can place hanging storage wherever you want! Indeed, they will find their place as well in an entry as a storage pocket as in a cupboard to store shoes or in the child's room to store some toys. Moreover, there are many models for children who display colors and childish patterns. You will even find storage space with the image of their favorite hero so that they can store their toys with pleasure! Discover our selection of hanging storage:


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