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The big bang theory arrives in our decor!

The big bang theory arrives in our decor!

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In case you do not know this series, this is the story of four scientists passionate about comics and computer science! Known as geeks, these characters, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard, live completely in their world, until the day when Penny, a young actress, comes to settle in front of their house. Turning their habits upside down, Penny will teach the four heroes how to live like everyone else! Zoom on the decoration of this series! The decor, very friendly, is characterized in particular by the use of wood! Having the power to warm up an atmosphere, wood remains the ideal material for any warm atmosphere. However, for the space to keep a modern appearance, it should not be put everywhere! Wooden tables, doors and bookcases are the objects that will give your home the most character. For your floor, you can also opt for parquet! Regarding decorative items, the series builds on the favorite passion of its main characters, the theme of Superheroes! Iron Man, Batman, Superman, all the comics that fascinate these nerds, are also an integral part of their apartment. Whether in posters, magazines, or figurines, these heroes give style to their apartment! Likewise, to underline this retro choice, the decorators have added objects in metallic colors. Old school lockers, warehouse lamps, give a vintage edge to this student apartment! Fans or amateurs, you choose how to introduce these elements into your decor!


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