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Zen toilet!

Zen toilet!

When you appreciate the Zen style for its interior, you can install it even in the toilet so that this place of intimacy is in perfect harmony with your decor and your spirit.

What is Zen style?

The Zen style comes from Japan where it is a real art of living that invites meditation. The European Zen style is therefore inspired by Asian countries while reinterpreting it in a more contemporary way like spas and other spaces dedicated to well-being. The colors are sober and often natural, the lines pure and soothing to create a minimalist and functional decor. The evocation of natural elements such as plants and minerals also interferes in the decor.

How do we install it in the toilet?

If we used to find the Zen style in the living rooms or in the bedrooms, today it has no limit and this philosophy which translates into decoration is even invited in the toilets. We then play the minimalist card by placing in the room only a toilet, a brush, a dispenser of toilet paper and possibly a hand basin. We choose everything in pure lines either by opting for square and rectangular shapes or on the contrary by betting on curves to bring softness and evoke the shape of the pebbles. In terms of materials, the bowl will be chosen in white or black and natural materials will be used in accessories with a wooden flap for example. The idea is to offer a decor that mixes designer accessories and a touch of natural materials to create a room in total harmony.