A feminine decor thanks to a boudoir atmosphere

A feminine decor thanks to a boudoir atmosphere

For an atmosphere that is at once intimate, feminine and very soft, the boudoir style is ideal whether in a living room, a bedroom or a library. With some well chosen furniture and pastel colors, transform your room into a small living room where you can "sulk" as you please.

Feminine colors

To give a boudoir style to a room, you have to bet on powdered colors. You can of course choose shades of pink or pastel blue but also select very soft natural colors such as beige, taupe, pearl gray ... Bet on a bright and very fresh atmosphere by playing with the different colors. Also remember to choose furniture in light colors.

Charming furniture

To furnish and accessorize the boudoir, we choose charming pieces of furniture in an old style and even sometimes weathered. Among the emblematic pieces of femininity, you can treat yourself to a secretary, a chaise longue or even a dressing table to bring out the intimate aspect of the room. As for accessories, opt for light curtains, floral cushions, elegant lamps and a few flowers to refine the atmosphere. Discover our selection for a boudoir atmosphere.