Give a New York style to a room for 350 €

Give a New York style to a room for 350 €

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The word New York has something magical, especially for teens. At the idea of ​​traveling there one day, their eyes sparkle! What if we gave them a nice surprise for Christmas by changing the decor of their room? After all, even at the other end of the Atlantic, it is possible to transpose a bit of the city that never sleeps at home. A few well-chosen accessories and furniture are enough. Here is a € 350 formula ready to follow to the letter!

New York on the walls

To set the scene for the Big Apple, we start by using the walls. We choose either a strip of wallpaper effect typography signed Atylia (55 €) with the name of the capital of the world declined in capital letters, lowercase, letters attached, vertically and horizontally, or a strip of wallpaper Koziel effect red brick wall (32, 90 €), the wall covering typical of New York interiors. With one of these two skins, we energize the space and invite you to travel ... But this is only the beginning! A giant sticker like that of Clairefontaine (€ 9.9) in the form of an American multidirectional sign indicating one of Manhattan's flagship avenues, "Broadway", is also welcome! And to complete it all, we adopt a canvas representing one of the mythical landscapes of New York: view of the skyline, traffic jam of yellow taxis in the streets, superposition of a statue of liberty and the Brooklyn bridge… Models available between 29 and 45 € at But!

New York on furniture

New York vibrates with the cinema, music, art and urban bustle, the teens' room permeates it ... even on its biggest furniture! Direction Aim to find the NYC trunk (119 €) serving as storage and coffee table and the University bench (105 €) dressed in the American flag.

New York on small accessories

No question that the smallest accessories escape the New York trend! Storage boxes (€ 7 each) and But cushions (€ 7.90 each) also take on a very stylized look, skyline and typography in the key! We draw one of each so that we can put away some office supplies and the electric cables lying around and nicely dress the bed ... So, won over? Discover even more decorative ideas for a New York version teen bedroom with our shopping selection:


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