Scotch Brite, the super-star sponge!

Scotch Brite, the super-star sponge!

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She has been following us for 40 years now in our daily lives. We do not always pay attention to this object of everyday life and yet the famous double-sided Scotch Brite sponge has not stopped evolving in 4 decades! A loyal ally of scrubbing and interior hygiene, it is now available in several models suitable for different rooms in the house and for a variety of uses.

Little sponge story

Originally, the sponge is a natural element whose porous structure gives it a high absorption capacity (about twenty-two times its dry mass). The marine sponge would have been used for washing purposes for the first time by the Cretans two centuries before our era! The first synthetic sponge was put on the market in France in 1935. At the time, housewives were seduced by its attractive price and its longevity. It was in the 1940s that 3M, a company specializing in the design of products dedicated to home maintenance, launched the first Scotch Brite sponge. This steel wool scouring pad quickly becomes a star product in the world of household maintenance! In 1959, Scotch Brite invented the first synthetic scouring pad: the green gratton. Over the years, the Scotch Brite brand will improve the quality of its products, making them ever more practical, technical and innovative. It is in this context that in 1967 the brand created the surprise and launched "Tamponge", the first green graton stuck on a sponge. The handset, which has been copied many times since, was born and cleaning is easier. On the face side, it scrubs, on the battery side, it wipes. A revolution for the time!

A complete range

Scotch Brite has imagined a wide range of sponges: each one has its function, its color and its specificity. Thus the "Duo Scotch Brite" gratton benefits from a double scouring intensity thanks to its two non-scratching scraping faces: ideal for dirty dishes or oven racks. The "Scotch Brite Summer Fruits" sponge has been designed for fragile surfaces such as the bathroom. Its specialty: a scouring power due to a natural abrasive composed of apricot grains and a 100% natural sponge base. In the orchard register, there is also the "Green Apple" sponge, and its sweet fruity scent. Scotch Brite is also riding the green wave with its latest addition: the 100% recycled fiber sponge. Perfect for making a gesture in favor of the environment, at home every day!