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Table linen goes to Christmas time

Table linen goes to Christmas time

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For the end-of-year celebrations, the table takes on a whole new dimension because it is this table that will be the scene of your family meals. Thus, it is advisable to adorn the table with your festive clothes thanks to a Christmas tablecloth worthy of the name. The Christmas table decor is just as important as the decoration of the Christmas tree since you will all be around the table to enjoy the festive meal. And to help you set the scene, bet on a thematic tablecloth. To choose it, start by identifying the theme you want to give to your table. Know that the best is that it is coordinated with the decoration of your tree which already gives the theme of your Christmas. For a traditional theme, choose for example a red tablecloth, for a more contemporary Christmas bet on silver or even gold for a very precious table. Note that you will also find tablecloths with patterns to accentuate your theme. Once the tablecloth has been chosen, provide matching napkins. If the tablecloth does not have one, opt for napkins in the same colors so that they disappear from the table. On the contrary if you want to create surprise by highlighting them, opt for a new color: gold for a red tablecloth or the opposite for example. For the rest of the decor, choose the colors for an exceptional festive table. Discover our selection of tablecloths for a festive table:


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