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My favorite for the craftsmen!

My favorite for the craftsmen!

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This week, I have found for you addresses of craftsmen who are worth seeing. Because trust me, to have a singular interior nothing like calling on a craftsman! Craftsman is a profession as old as the world and it is not ready to stop. Because today, the real luxury is being able to chat about your desires with a craftsman. Whether you want a splashback that adapts perfectly to your kitchen or a bathroom element of your dreams, this is the one you will need to address. It will take time to listen to your desires and needs and offer you solutions that combine technical know-how and love of creation. And since I like artisans, I decided to share with you two addresses that I really appreciate. At, you will be able to have everything made of stainless steel and tailor-made please! From the credenza to the work plan passing by furniture and decorative objects, these artisans based in Nanterre will take the dimensions to realize your project, will realize the room and will come to take care of the installation. In addition, stainless steel is very trendy and never ceases to sublimate it. Their latest find: soon the company will offer the printing of a digital photo on stainless steel for a personalized creation. My second favorite goes to the Créa Diffusion company, which is none other than the first company in France specializing in the transformation of Corian, this new material with incredible possibilities. Thierry and Laurent Delles, two very nice brothers, work with the biggest designers like Christian Ghion, Matali Crasset, Ron Arad or Andrée Putman but also with the general public in order to bring the corian into your interiors. After the study and realization of your project, their installation teams ensure installation throughout France to guarantee you an outstanding result. Do not hesitate to say that you come from me! All Cendrine Dominguez's items Photo credit: Pierre Olivier / TEVA


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