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Algoflash Axoris eliminates Colorado potato beetles

Algoflash Axoris eliminates Colorado potato beetles

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Native to America, the Colorado potato beetles are black-streaked insects. Potato pests, their infestation can cause total defoliation of the plant. In Quebec, it is nicknamed the "potato bibitte", a charming name for a species of insect that belongs to the order of beetles that all gardeners unfortunately know well in France under the name of Colorado potato beetle. This unrepentant pest, which comes to us from America where it invaded the fields of potatoes at the end of the 19th century, also attacks tomatoes and eggplants, and as a rule all the plants of the nightshade family, even if infestations are more rare. The Colorado potato beetle is dangerous both in its larval and adult states. If you are not careful, it will quickly destroy all of your plantations by feeding on their leaves. This real winged plague has, over the treatments used to combat it, developed real immunity to the majority of them. To eradicate the threat, Algoflash has developed Axoris. A concentrated product, based on Thiamethoxam, a new molecule which acts by contact and ingestion on the insect. The effect is rapid and radical. A single application provides 3 to 4 weeks of protection. Systemic, the product is carried by the sap throughout the plant and this action helps protect all of the untreated parts of the plant. The rapid absorption by the plant also limits the risk of leaching in heavy rain. Axoris special Colorado potato beetle is packaged in a 200 ml bottle at an indicative price of € 11.09. On sale in garden centers, in large food stores, DIY stores and specialized stores. Our practical gardening videos


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