Digital printing screens to create the decor

Digital printing screens to create the decor

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In the house, the screen can become a central element of your decoration! Thanks to digital printing, the screens are now adorned with photographs that set the tone in your interior.

The screen for an urban atmosphere

If you particularly appreciate the urban style in your interior, you will find screens that take up the most beautiful views of major capitals. Thanks to the photographs which are installed on the screens, you will have a real window open on London, New York or even Paris. You can place your screen behind the sofa to delimit the living space or place it anywhere in the room for a very decorative effect.

The screen for a natural atmosphere

If you are more into nature, choose a screen that highlights natural spaces. You will find bamboo forests as well as fresh water cascades or Buddhist temples. This type of screen will bring a very Zen spirit to your interior. In the bedroom, the screen will be very soothing and may, for example, demarcate the office space from the bedroom space to optimize your sleep. And if you want to protect yourself from prying eyes, place the screen in front of a window without disregarding nature. Discover our selection of screens:


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