Sam'Oz personalizes the fabric by the meter

Sam'Oz personalizes the fabric by the meter

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Since the start of 2011, Sam'Oz has been offering an online service to personalize its fabrics. We have the totally unique cushions, curtains and duvet covers!

From the news: 739845 custom fabric, what for?

Who says actu: 739845 personalized fabric says actu: 739845 unique fabric. This means that not only will you have the exact news: 739845 fabric you dreamed of for making your curtains, cushions or tablecloth but also, impossible for anyone to have the same.

Personalization of news: 739845 fabric with Sam'Oz, how does it work?

You just have to register on the site, to download the motif that you have created, imagined, designed, whether it is a drawing, a photo or a scanned image, for example. Then you select the repetition mode of your choice and you see the final rendering live. Finally, you choose your textile and the desired quantity and you confirm your order with one last click. Two to three weeks later, you receive your news: 739845 personalized fabric. And there is no minimum order.

Sam'Oz offers what qualities of fabrics to personalize?

For the moment, Sam'Oz offers two kinds of fabrics: on the one hand poplin, a light used textile (125 g per m²) generally used in shirts and for customizing objects, very easy to work; on the other hand thick cotton (280 g / m²), very resistant, ideal for furnishing (to cover an armchair, for example), to make curtains or for a shopping bag. All fabrics are machine washable at 30 °.

How much do Sam'Oz fabrics cost?

The 140 cm wide poplin is worth € 19.50 incl. Tax per linear meter. Cotton, on the other hand, is offered in 130 cm width and costs 34 € TC per linear meter. Shipping costs are free from 70 € of purchase. You can also buy personalized samples of 22 x 22 cm, at 4.50 € per sample, whatever the news: 739845 fabric.

How does Sam'Oz protect the planet?

News: 739845 fabric is only printed when someone requests it. Sam'Oz therefore prints only the bare essentials. After confirmation of the order, your image, in digital format, is sent directly to printing. Thus, the actu: 739845 fabric can be printed in the quantity requested and not more. No storage, no surplus, no waste. In addition, the inks used are water-based and contain no dangerous or toxic pollutants. The process requires no steam, no washing, no drying, therefore less energy expenditure. Finally, the fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees their compatibility with "human ecology".

Take part in a pattern competition with Sam Oz: why not?

Every month, Sam'Oz offers a thematic competition. When the competition is announced, the creators have two weeks to submit their design. The drawing is submitted to your audience for a week. The winner will have their design sold on the home page of the site and will receive 10% of sales and a voucher of € 100. The authors remain, of course, owners of their creation, but they accept that their motif be used to be printed and sold. To order news: 739845 personalized fabric: