A magical room inspired by the story Donkey skin

A magical room inspired by the story Donkey skin

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If fairy tales make you dream, you have no doubt already hoped to live in the wonderful castle of Donkey Skin. And thanks to the famous film by Jacques Demy, we have a precise idea of ​​the tastes of the princess. The story of Donkey Skin goes back a long time when a king made a promise to his dying wife that he would only marry a woman more beautiful than her. The king then takes it into his head to marry his daughter (Catherine Deneuve in the film by Jacques Demy). After trying to dissuade him by asking him for incredible dresses, she ends up asking him for the skin of his donkey treasurer in order to hide to flee. The princess then becomes a slut on a farm but a passing prince is not indifferent to her charm. Sick in love, he asked that Donkey Skin make him a cake. The beautiful will then slip a ring into the cake which will allow them to be brought together following a fitting session of the ring by all the young women of the kingdom. In Jacques Demy's film, the donkey skin castle is placed under the blue color. The beautiful's bedroom is both magical and romantic. The vegetation invades the architecture for a very natural and bucolic spirit. At home, you can bring ivy into the room using garlands or artificial trellises. For decoration, you will bet on deer trophies because it is these animals that surround the princess's bed. In terms of furniture, we choose a monumental bed, a large screen and a mirror to try on the dresses, chandeliers for lighting and a trunk to store clothes. Discover our selection for a room inspired by the world of Peau d'âne:


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