A garden gnome in my decor

A garden gnome in my decor

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No longer hide your love for garden gnomes! From old-fashioned objects, they are now considered super trendy and are sowing a dash of madness in our interior. Because dwarfs are no longer condemned to spend the winter in the garden, they are now camping in the house, in the form of candles, on pictures, stickers, household linen ... discover our selection around his funny little men.

To put

With garden gnomes, all delusions are allowed! Bring fantasy to your long winter evenings with multi-colored brand candles Rice or French candles . Also find at Tati red, green or white plastic figurines, for a low-cost decoration.

To fix

Decorate your walls with the image of garden gnomes with funny pictures like the model Home Sweet Gnome . Also think about the stickers, especially the model depicting the shadows of a gnome surrounded by mushrooms.

Cushions and tableware

You can also bring garden gnomes into your living room with cushions. We like that of the brand Hello my cushion with its flashy colors. The garden gnome also hangs around the table, with adorable candy pink tea towels, placemats or bowls.

But also…

For design enthusiasts, discover the garden gnome revisited with theUrban Gnome , a garden gnome with generous shapes enhanced with up-to-date patterns. Another unusual gift idea: the gnome-shaped frame.


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