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The three rules for a cocooning decor

The three rules for a cocooning decor

Rule n ° 1: favor "natural" colors

The first tip to keep in mind if you want to set up a home cocooning decoris to bet on natural colors. Exit shades that are too flashy or too artificial that could attack your eyes or make you mentally tired in the long run, and make way for soothing colors and sweet that will allow you to create a real cocoon in which you can relax in peace.

To do this, the fall shades are perfect; which is perfectly logical when you think about it, given that autumn is a season when everyone has only one desire: to stay at home, warm, comfortably curled up on your sofa…

To create a cocooning decor at home at low cost, do not hesitate to multiply the accessories in autumn colors : iced brown cushions, khaki green throw, lichen rugs, chestnut brown blankets, plum lampshade, orange candle, etc. Tame these shades in small touches while remaining subtle. Once adorned with pretty fall colors, your interior will not fail to call for calm and pampering!

Rule n ° 2: give importance to the subjects

To implement a cocooning decoration at home, in addition to paying attention to the colors of your furniture and decorative items, you must also be attentive (ve) to one thing: the choice of materials that make up these elements. The objective? Favor soft touch materials, which make you want to be caressed, with which contact is very pleasant, and which immediately evoke the well-being and comfort of a cocoon in which it is good to live and relax .

With this in mind, the flagship materials for a cocooning decor are: wool, felt, velvet, knits, faux fur ... 100% soft materials, which you should not hesitate to combine - always with subtlety of course - for maximum warmth in your home.

Also remember to bet on volumes: a very thick woolen carpet, a large velvet cushion, an XXL "knitted" throw, a giant beanbag in ribbed fabric ... these are decorative elements that immediately make you want to settle down comfortably in the living room, and enjoy a moment of relaxation and relaxation!

Rule n ° 3: take care of the little details that change everything

A cocooning decor does not necessarily go through the purchase of large furniture or large and expensive decorative elements. Yes, very often in decoration, it is the small simple details that can make all the difference, and bring something new to your interior.

To create a cocooning decor in all simplicity, for example dress your chairs in a small woolen skirt which will give them great looks and bring them a warm and authentic side: you will have the impression of having new seats!

Likewise, a small detail that quickly changes the general mood of your room: the lamps. No need to buy new ones, just coordinate your lampshades with the color of your cushions. The atmosphere will be more harmonious, and more soothing to the eye.

Finally, do not forget that to look like a real cocoon, a beautiful interior must not only positively solicit sight and touch; smell too! So think of scented candles, which in addition to being very design today will bring a most pleasant olfactory atmosphere to your home.