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Tell me about halloween

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Trick or treat ? Pumpkin, sweets, little monsters… Halloween is children's day today. At the origin of this funeral event, a Celtic custom but also a legend and ... UNICEF!

Samain's party

2000 years ago, the calendar did not match that of today. Among the Celts, the year ended at the end of summer, that is to say on October 31. An important day, it announced the end of the harvest and the arrival of winter. At that time, this season, by its difficult climate, was associated with death. During this last day before the arrival of darkness, the Celts returned the herds in the stables and thanked the sun for the harvest which enabled them to survive the cold. On this October 31, the ancients thought that all the spirits came to visit their families to escape the god of death who wanted to gather them to warn them of their fate. During the night, the Celts performed a rigorous ceremonial to ensure a good year ahead.

UNICEF collection

UNICEF has created a kind of Halloween. From 1950, the organization created a collection in the suburbs of Philadelphia on October 31. The goal is to distribute small boxes to children so that they can collect donations and all kinds of treats. The collection ended in 2006 for security reasons.

Jack O'Lantern's Turnip

Jack O'Lantern is a character associated with Halloween. The protagonist of an old Irish tale, Jack is a drunkard, mean and self-centered. Clever, he escaped death several times by playing the devil. But the day Jack died, neither heaven nor hell wanted him. Jack nevertheless succeeds in convincing the devil to give him a piece of hot coal to light his way in the dark. He places the coal in a turnip dug as a lantern and finds himself condemned to wander aimlessly, until the day of the Last Judgment. Since then, he reappears every year, on the day of his death, on Halloween.


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