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How to choose a standing mirror?

How to choose a standing mirror?

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Standing mirror or standing mirror: what difference?

Because they have almost the same name, it is easy to make a mistake between 2 types of mirrors: the standing mirror, and the full mirror. However, these are 2 distinct mirror models! Indeed :

  • The standing mirror, which can also be called "Psyche mirror", is a mirror which has a structure allowing it to stand upright.
  • The full-length mirror is a mirror, which, as its name suggests, allows you to see yourself from head to toe ... but which does not necessarily have a supporting structure.

The standing mirror or psyche mirror

The psyche mirror comes from the name of Princess Psyche, a woman of unparalleled beauty in Greek mythology. It is in fact a standing mirror, which tilts to adapt to the size of the person looking at himself.

This type of mirror is, at the base, quite feminine: it will be the ideal ally of fashionistas and will be placed mainly in a bedroom or in a dressing room to visualize the fittings of the clothes. The psyche mirror is therefore perfectly suited to a rather girly or romantic decor. But there are also more neutral models of standing mirrors, which can perfectly find their place in a living room, an entrance hall, or a bathroom!

Very aesthetic, the psyche mirror also has the advantage of being placed directly on the ground, without the need to be fixed to the wall.

The different models of standing mirrors

If you want to acquire a free-standing mirror for your bedroom, your dressing room or other, know that there are different types of free-standing mirrors, which will stand out in particular:

  • Their shape: round, oval, rectangle… everything depends on your desires and your needs (do you rather need a standing mirror to make up in the morning or to look at yourself from head to toe before leaving for work?) ;
  • Of their size: indeed, there are both mirrors psyche in the foot (which allow you to see yourself from head to toe), but also means, which you can put on a vanity type furniture for example. There are even mini version or even pocket mirrors!
  • Of their construction material, even if the vast majority of standing mirrors are made either of metal or of wood.
  • Their finishes: coating, patterns, flourishes, ornaments ... there is something for everyone, and for all styles!

The full-length mirror, a mirror to be placed on the ground

Be aware that you can also use a very large mirror that you will place directly on the floor in order to see yourself in full. Very trendy, the installation on the ground allows you to dress a room in an original way and you will avoid drilling holes in the wall. So that the wow effect is there, be sure to choose a rectangular mirror of very generous size. With this mirror, you can choose your style according to the models: prefer carved wood for a classic spirit and metal for a design effect.

For installation, note that this type of mirror can be placed in the bedroom as well as in an entrance or living room so that you can see yourself in full at any time of the day.


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